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Home Insurance protects

Home insurance protects one of your most valuable assets. When it comes to building your future, your home is perhaps the largest investment you will encounter making home insurance of utmost importance.

It is critical to make sure your home is protected in case of:

  • Home invasion, butglary, theft, malicious mischief

  • Water damage (pipes, leaky roofs, floods)

  • Liability suits

  • Natural disasters (fallen trees, fire, lightening)

Why would you need home insurance coverage?

Homeowners Insurance may provide coverage for many situations including:​

  • Damage or replacement due to fire or natural disasters

  • Water damage (pipes, leaky roofs, floods)

  • Liability protection from suits due to injury to a guest in your home

  • Reimbursement for losses or repairs due to theft or vandalism

  • Your loan or financial institution will require insurance coverage

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Peace of mind with the right home insurance coverage

Selecting a homeowners insurance policy isn't something to rush through. Your homeowners insurance policy is your monetary protection against damages and liability matters, you shouldn't leave it to just anyone

Things to bear in mind when buying homeowners insurance coverage:

  • How much can it cost to repair or replace my home?

  • How would I pay for an accident or injury for a guest

  • Which special discounts would be obtainable

  • What's the process for filing & settling a claim

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